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INNOVATIVE.  PROGRESSIVE.  EXPERIENCED.  This is what separates Adaptive Property Solutions from other survey companies.  Using innovative technology, we provide retail and other commercial real estate professionals fast, accurate, and cost-efficient solutions to meet their entire portfolio-wide survey needs anywhere in the United States and Canada. Utilizing 3-D scanning and reality capture technology, we have shifted the paradigm of static 2-dimensional surveys currently prevalent in the industry with new, interactive 3-D survey solutions which allow our customers to review their survey results by virtually walking and experiencing any site from their computer. Whether having an ADA Survey, As-Built Survey, or Site Survey performed, our value-add service gives customers virtual insight into their properties that they can’t get from standard 2-dimensional surveys.  This results in our customers gaining a greater understanding of the surveys performed to make informed, timely, and data-driven decisions on every site across their portfolio.