As-Built Surveys

Accurate. Flexible. Timely.

Adaptive Property Solutions perform As-Built surveys for retailers, architectural and design firms, planning and management companies, and other construction professionals.  Employing cutting edge technology, we are shifting the paradigm in delivering customized As-Built solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

laptop-measuringWhat makes us different?   We supplement our field work by utilizing 3D reality scanning to capture spatial and photographic data and measurements to generate registered point clouds.  These point clouds are imported into AutoCad or AutoDesk Revit to produce accurate as-built drawings with 3D visual reference points and documentation that is second to none in the industry.  Our data capture process saves time by reducing the requirement of manual measurements by 80%, limits the need for timely and costly return visits, and speeds up the as-built drawing process significantly.  The result is the timely delivery of as-built drawings that are accurate, informative, interactive, and cost efficient.

We provide these services anywhere in the United States, enabling our customers to recognize consistency and accuracy on every drawing across an entire portfolio of properties regardless of location.

3D Virtual Interactive Demo

The following is a demo of a 3D scan that might be used during the course of an As-Built Survey.

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